Casa de Casal is a beautiful farm house from the 18th century turned into a cosy hotel.

Its magnificent location in the heart of Galicia, at 11 km from the center of Santiago de Compostela and 8 km from the AP-9, the main Galician highway, makes Casa de Casal the ideal place to visit Galicia.

The house is surrounded by a four-hectare estate with a beautiful pond of spring water, huge gardens and numerous fruit trees. There are also some traditional buildings such as a water mill and a corncrib ( Hórreo ), that is still used today.

To the pilgrims who make the Vía de la Plata Camino, we offer the ideal place to relax before facing the 13 km from the house to the cathedral.

If you are looking for a charming rural hotel on the outskirts of Santiago, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the area, Casa de Casal is a good choice of accommodation.

The house

Casa de Casal


The bedrooms in Casa de Casal evoke, each one of them, a legend related to the mythical characters in the area.

“ Step by step before me the road opens. Memories of natural treasures, delicious agapes and good people I bring with me. Sweet dreams in soft beds … like kings I have slept. None of this before I had lived “

In total there are 9 double rooms, all exterior, with bath or shower. They are equipped with towels, sheets, amenities, hair dryer, LED TV, central heating and fan.

Fridge and tea sets can be added on request.

Cómo llegar desde Santiago: Coger la N-525 dirección Ourense, desvío rotanda “Ourense Chapa”, y seguir unos 8 km hasta llegar a Lestedo. A la entrada del pueblo a la izquierda hay una farmacia. Subiendo se encuentran una capilla. Siguen la carretera que sube a la izquierda de dicha capilla 1 km.

Cómo llegar desde Ourense: Si vienen desde autopista (AP-53 ) tienen que coger la salida de Puente Ulla. A continuación dirección Santiago por la N-525 unos 5 km. A la entrada de Lestedo a la derecha hay un desvío al Pico Sacro. Desde allí sobre 1,5 km

En cualquier dispositvo GPS introducir “Casa de Casal Turismo Rural” para obtener las indicaciones.