Who are we?

Hello, my name is Patricia. I am the owner, (manager, receptionist,) cook, (waitress and occasional gardener) of Casa de Casal. I doubted if I should add what it is written in brackets.

Maybe it gives the idea that the house is unattended.

Some people may even think that it is impossible to do all that at the same time.

It only requires working for many hours every day 🙂

My Origins


When I was little, I dreamed of being a scientist, until a lousy teacher made me change towards the letters. Thus, I became a scientist of words. That is, a philologist. It is an exciting career, but it doesn´t open many doors.

After a few years when I could not find my place, the family had the idea of converting the family house into a rural house.

I must admit that I started simply as a way of engaging in something waiting for something better.

Over time I realized that it is not just a way to earn money; it is much more.

I can meet amazing people from all over the world. Countries where I could never go, but that come to me through the guests who visit me.

Advantages of running this rural


Having the possibility of raising my two wonderful daughters in such a natural and healthy environment is a luxury that I appreciate every day. They learn to interact with children of all ages and cultures, and I see how they grow up happy.

I feel fortunate to share my house and my life with all the people who have passed and will pass through Casa de Casal. Sometimes I can´t avoid feeling somehow disappointed when I find someone who does not appreciate everything I offer. However, the positive experiences are so many that they make me overcome negative reviews.

Working in a sector as demanding as a hotel, mainly being autonomous and female is a task that I must face with patience. It is not easy to combine work, endless hours of work with taking care of the family.

However, when you dedicate yourself to something you are passionate about, all efforts are worthy.

I’m not alone in this adventure


I could not be here without the help of the family, Sole and David, who help me with the girls when there is a lot of work. They also take care of the gardens and orchard.

And Bibi, who keeps the rooms and the house as clean as our guests deserve.


I invite everyone who is looking for a rural hotel to come to Casa de Casal. It is a quiet place, but near the city; in our case Santiago de Compostela.

A place to enjoy homemade food with products from our garden, with a family atmosphere. A house with centuries of history, where haste and hustle don’t take place.

I cannot say goodbye without thanking all the guests who, wishing to know Galicia, have passed through our house since the opening in 2000.

Thank you for your sympathy and kindness.

To the few who left disappointed, I would like to apologize for my mistakes, which were not deliberate.


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