Vedra mills route

It is one of my favourite routes. It is at about 5 km from the house.

The route is short, half an hour-long, but worth it.

Although it has a length of almost four kilometres, what is most beautiful it is the first 600 meters, which run through a lush oak forest. It follows the course of a stream of the Pereiro river.

The same as in Lestedo, he gives us a small waterfall.

Once you reach the viewpoint under the trees, the route is almost finished, or at least the prettiest part.

That is an excellent place to sit and meditate for a while, listening to the sound of water falling from the mill that is just a few steps away.

Once I visited the Garajonay park in La Gomera. The vegetation may not be from the Tertiary Era and therefore may not be such a visited area.

However, every time I walk this route, I think that Galicia has nothing to envy to those beautiful islands.

Here we also have lichen on the trees, the result of the rainy weather and ferns that have been growing slowly for years.

This route, the part that goes through the forest, is like a virgin piece of nature.

Few people know this route, which makes it even more exciting.

I love to hear the creak of the oak leave bed under my feet, every time I visit the mills in winter.

Along the path, we find several restored windmills, waterfalls and a viewpoint inside the forest.

How to get to the Mills in Vedra?

To get there, follow the N-525 until you go by the Vedra Information Center.

Then take the parish church of San Pedro de Vilanova.

The signpost of the mill route is very small and easy to pass by.

It is better to look at a forbidden direction sign that is there, after the Information Center (it is a small house next to the N-525 and has a large fountain in front).

Then you must follow the indicators until you reach an area of ​​the forest where there are large panels with the route information.

You park the car on the side of the road.

Watermill route with children

You must walk down. That is why it is not a place where you can go with a cart to take small children.

It is rather a route for older children. Not because of its length, but because it has sloping areas.

Where to eat in Vedra, close to the route?

There are no restaurants near the route.

The few that were in the area closed for various reasons.

In the case of wanting to eat in the surrounding, follow Ulla Bridge.

There are restaurants for all budgets.

From the economical Ríos restaurant to the elegant Pazo Vista Alegre, specialized in weddings and events; and also the Villa Verde.

Another option is to eat in Lestedo.  In Fachal barbecue bar or Picotiña, both restaurants with classic dishes at a reasonable price.

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