The Oca Pazo

Belonging to the Medinaceli Dukes, more specifically to the Hohenlohe family, this manor is known as the Galician Versailles for the beauty of its gardens.

In them, the visitor can find the oldest boxwood forest in Europe.

I emphasize its two ponds, separated by a bridge and its stone boats that remind the one used by the Apostle to reach Galician lands, located in the middle of them.

There are also numerous camellias. The Pazo de Oca is included in the Camellia Route.

The flowering season is from December to April.

Oca Pazo visiting hours


On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 a guided view inside the pazo can be made, upon reservation on the telephone 986 587 435.

The rest of the days the visit is only to the gardens and without a guide.

The Pazo and its gardens have been the scene for the filming of scenes such as “La Piel que habito” by Almodóvar (2011) or “La casa de la Troya” (1959) by Alejandro Pérez.

Another curiosity of this Pazo is that on one side of the building, there is a hand with the index finger pointing forward and below the legend “Continue.” One of the owners Fernando Gayoso, wanted his descendants to continue the house on that side, but none of them added rooms.

Although to the right of the main door, there is a sign that says, “Sunshine Open”, there are more specific schedules.

In Winter it opens from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and summer from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The entrance is until half an hour before closing, but in half an hour there is no time to visit all its corners.

How to get to the Oca Pazo?


To get there, follow the N-525 until you find a detour that says “Oca, A Estrada.”

If from the National Road you see the brick chimneys of an old factory, it means that you have found the right diversion. You continue a kilometre, and you reach the town square where the Pazo is. In front is the chapel, on the left some neighbouring houses and on the right the Pazo building.

Or almost better I leave the GPS coordinates:

 42º 44 ′ 46.9 ″ N – 8º 23 ′ 42.0 ″ W.

You have to knock on the door to open because they are working on the farm.

The price ranges from 6 euros per person for individual visits and 4 euros for groups at 15 euros guided tour for gardens and interior of the pazo.

The duration of the guided tour is approximately one hour.

Interior of the Oca Pazo


Guided visits to the Oca Pazo are the only way to see the private rooms, which the owners still use from time to time.

One of the most beautiful rooms is the so-called Hall of the Continents. In this room behind some wooden panels with paintings of the 18th century, alluding to the four continents, there are four bedrooms for guests. Being located together with a brazier room in the centre, in winter it was a place with a pleasant temperature.

A place that usually goes unnoticed is the Topario, which you can access after a boxwood tunnel. Inside there are references to two children’s stories: Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

In the case of groups, you can arrange other hours or days. You can even request some snacks in the garden.

There is a way to enter for free, and it is from Monday to Thursday between 9 and 10 in the morning. The residents in A Estrada can also visit it for free.

It is essential to book earlier because the capacity in the case of individual booking is 15 people.

Oca Pazo with children


Its vast gardens are worth visiting by children. They will learn a lot about the vegetation of the area.

Where to eat close to Oca Pazo?


In the nearby surroundings, there are many restaurants. One of the most prominent, located about 5 km away is O Balado restaurant, where traditional food mixes with touches of modernity in its tasting menus.

A little closer, 3 km from El Emigrante restaurant.

Las Camelias is also a nearby restaurant. A cheap place to eat octopus and grilled ribs.

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