The Carboeiro Monastery

This Benedictine monastery in Romanesque style dates from the 10th century.

It is currently under restoration, but you can visit the church and the crypt for a small fee.

Some argue that the church was a project of Master Mateo. He was the Portico de la Gloria architect, part of the Santiago´s Cathedral.

It seems that in the late Middle Ages it was a mandatory stop for pilgrims since the Vía de la Plata passed through that area.

When they made the first excavations around the church and the adjacent building, which is where the monks lived, they found a buried skeleton with a bag full of gold coins.

Considering how important it was to have gold coins, it must have been someone who died of an infectious-contagious disease. That is why nobody dared to touch the coins.

You can access the catacombs from the church. Do not be afraid because they are empty.

More than catacombs, it reminds of a prison buried underground.

Therefore notice, not suitable for claustrophobic.

There is still much to have the whole set restored, mainly due to lack of funds.

We already know what politicians like to spend money on …

A few years ago, it was the scene of a controversial video by Enrique Iglesias, subsidized by the Galician government.


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How to get to Carboeiro Monastery?


To get to the monastery, you must follow the same route going to the Toxa waterfalls. Only before arriving at the cement factory, there is an indicator to go to the monastery.

Where to eat in Carboeiro Monastery?


Being close to these waterfalls, the restaurants I recommend are the same ones I named in that section.

Price of the visit.

You can visit the monastery with a guide.

For this, it is necessary to call the phones 986572267 or 685860772; also by email to

The price is 4 Euros, free for children under eight-year-old.

If you decide to visit it without a guide, the price is even lower.

Monastery visiting hours

The schedule does not appear on the website of this monument.

In principle, it is closed from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

You can park the car in front of the main door, so it is not dangerous to visit it with children.

The signposts that lead to this monastery are well located.

It does not mean that we cannot use technology.

So here you have the GPS coordinates:

42º 45 ′ 19´´ N – 08º 14 ′ 47´´ O

Carboeiro monastery with children


In the case of schools and during the school year, they carry out activities with the children.

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