Ortigueira pazo manor

Also known as Santa Cruz de Rivadulla’s Pazo, for the town where it sits.

I’ve also seen who refers to it as Riomaior Manor.

Although I must admit that until a few days ago, I had no idea they called it like that.

Interior of the Ortigueira Pazo

For several centuries they produced their oil. They even had a mill and press. The olive trees are still in the same location today. They are one of the most visited places in the pazo, the olive walk. In 2015, this path received the AEMO award for the best monumental olive tree in Spain.

They also produced their wine aided by their four wineries and cellar.

Currently, they grow and study Camellias, a typical Galician tree.

It is owned by the General Armada’s family, which had the title of Santa Cruz de Rivadulla Marquis. Yes, we are talking about the one who on February 23, 1983, participated in the coup d´etat attempt.

He died in 2013. I remember some guests commenting that they had chatted with him for a while. He liked to sit next to the entrance and chat with visitors.

Its impressive gardens contain a multitude of plants such as gigantic magnolias, Australian ferns, boxwoods and palm trees.

Pazo’s visiting hours

Contrary to what happens with the Oca Pazo, here you can only visit the gardens.

The schedule is: In winter from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

In summer it opens from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Sundays only in the afternoon.

The price is € 5 per person, Monday morning free admission.

You can arrange a guided tour, upon reservation, for groups of more than 20 people.

How to get to Ortigueira Pazo?


To get there, follow the N-525 indicators as if you were going to take the AP-53 motorway to Ourense. After the second detour, you will reach a garden crossed by a stream. On the left bank of the road, there is a high wall, which is part of the closure of the Pazo estate. On that side, there is the main entrance. You have to access the farm to park the car and look for the person responsible for the pazo.

I think it is useful if I leave the GPS coordinates: 43º 39 ′ 57.9 ″ N – 7º 50 ′ 48.9 ″ W.

You park inside the property, once it has passed through the stone-carved portal. The first thing we find is the Pazo housing on the right and the old courts on the left. Do not allow the abandoned aspect of these to change your mind about whether to visit the pazo. It seems they still use them as a storage place.

Anyway, the more appealing the area is the beautiful gardens.

Ortigueira Pazo with children


Although they do not have specific activities for children, it is a place that they surely like. Not only for having much space to run, but also for the various corners they will find.

In the town of Santa Cruz de Rivadulla there is no restaurant, only a bar. To eat it is necessary to travel to Puente Ulla. It is a small town with a medieval village structure that sits next to four bridges: the oldest from the 18th  Century, which is part of the N-525, that of the Cova Pass used by the trains going to Ourense and the most modern, the AVE railway.

Where to eat close to Ortigueira Pazo?


In Ponteulla, there are restaurants with a menu of the day like the Ríos restaurant and others like the Villa Verde restaurant with a menu based on local products.

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