Hiking trail Toxa River waterfall

With its 30 meter drop it is considered the highest in Galicia.

Not only is it spectacular when you are close, the path that leads to it also has its charm.

How to get to Toxa River waterfall?

It is located in Silleda, about 25 km from Casa de Casal.

Near the area where the car is parked, there is a viewpoint built on a boulder. Its different levels allow you to see it from the highest part.

From the viewpoint, going down, you access a side of the mountain that is not worth visiting.

It is an exclusive area for irrigation owners who use that water.

Not only you can bathe in the pond formed at the end of the waterfall, but you can also walk along the water to the side of the stream.

It is a shallow and quite large area.

Where to eat

In that area, there are many restaurants. It is an area of ​grilled meat.

For me, the best one is O Pote restaurant.

It is like a rural house but with only a restaurant.

It is not only about the presentation of the dishes or their quality, but it is also the excellent treatment that attracts thousands of diners a year.

Before arriving at the waterfall, there are benches and tables, as well as a place for barbecues; something meaningless because, being in the middle of the forest, in summer it is forbidden to make fire and in winter it rains a lot.

There is a hiking trail that starts from the waterfall and goes to the Carboeiro monastery.

Arriving is not easy, but it is worthy.

In Bandeira at the traffic light, turn left, coming from Santiago, towards Merza and Vila de Cruces.

Pass the town of Bandeira until you find a long road with a cement factory on the left.

There are lots of gravel along that road, so noway missing.

At the end of the factory property, on the right, there is the first indicator.

From there, follow the signs to the waterfall (Fervenza).

The waterfall viewpoint


The road leading to the waterfall stops in the forest, near the viewpoints.

To get to the waterfall, you must follow a path down the forest, before reaching the viewpoints.

I guess the signs that indicate the waterfall remain poorly placed.

It can’t stop us because, in the end, the reward is worthy.

Sometimes, there are no signposts at the crossings.

It is a tradition that we have in Galicia. That draws much attention to those who come to visit us.

Other signposts, so discoloured that you can hardly see what is written on them.

Luckily GPS exists. Here you have the coordinates, where to leave the car.

42º 45’34” N 08º 16’42” O

If you are lucky enough to find a neighbour, he/she may indicate you a shortcut.

I’ve never been able to find it, but I’ve seen cars parked halfway. It means that there is a shortcut.

A horizontally placed trunk acts as a barrier so that no one dares to go through with vehicles.

From that barrier, you will see scrubs what we call in Galician Xesta and in Spanish Piornos.

Every few meters there are knots made with this plant.

Some say that if you manage to make a knot with them using your left hand while making a wish, it fulfils.

Superstition or not, nothing is lost by trying.

Toxa waterfall with children


As happens with many hiking trails, the route is not easy to make with a stroller.

From the point where you leave the car to the waterfall, there is a half-hour walk down. However, it is not a dangerous route for children.

The trail runs along wide paths or surrounded by bushes, which avoid any fall to the river area.

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